Burden of NCDs in Malaysia & making the economic argument

Dr Feisul Mustapha delivered a short presentation titled ‘Burden of NCDs in Malaysia & making the economic argument’ during the webinar in conjunction with the launch of the publication of the document “The impact of noncommunicable diseases and their risk factors on Malaysia’s gross domestic product” with Deakin Health Economics, Institute of Health Transformation, Deakin University, Australia.

In summary, the key points of his short presentation were:

  • The burden of disease for NCDs is high in Malaysia
  • Based on the current trajectory of SDG-4 indicator and WHO NCD global indicators, Malaysia is currently off-target
  • We need to be aware that our health is determined by much more that the healthcare services that we receive
  • Unfortunately, the underlying determinants of NCDs in Malaysia – population ageing, income disparity and rapid urbanisation – are have a negative impact towards NCDs
  • There are many dimensions of the impacts of NCDs – and this webinar will focus on the economic impact – with the hope of raising advocacy and awareness on this issue with sectors outside of health.

Please download the slides below:

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